Is simply a portrayal of life. The attention focused on the bonds between Love, Life, Feelings, Nature and all the world's stage in MoMeMa's eyes.
***Create, Encourage, Live, Enjoy, Love, Laugh, Empower***
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"I'm talking to you Mr. Anonymous.

 Dear Readers,
Okay, I don't do this often, but prepare for a rant.
These Anonymous comments have GOT TO GO.
I guess that's the risk you take when you decide to run a blog.
 Spam, spam, spam
While updating and reviewing my blog and have to sift through an abundance of all your ridiculousness...links trying to sell me Cars, Prozac?, Pets and other nonsense. Um, no thanks? and reading your comments that pertain nothing to the content of the posts.
You ARE NOT INVITED HERE! Considered yourself BLOCKED!
  Have a nice day☺

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Great Findings...Scott Marr-Painting with Natural Pigment

He's another true inspirational artist!

Visit his Youtube Channel: scottmarrpyrography

Just Paint? or Emotions?

Check Out this great website!

The Lilly Oncology on Canvas Art Competition and Exhibition provides everyone affected by cancer—those who have been diagnosed with cancer, their healthcare providers, family members, friends and caregivers—the opportunity to express the life-affirming changes that give that journey meaning and to share their cancer journey through art.

Themes and Inspirations are up to you, anything goes!

Another Great Findings!


Great Finding! Fabulous idea! just using recycle plastics.

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Inspire Others

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Inspire Others


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Some of my Artworks

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Digital Art by MoMeMa-Featuring Zena Holloway

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