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Gypsies/Bohemians of Hollywood

Can gypsies cast spells, influencing our styles?

I think from my childhood they had already done the job, since little I have always like to wear lots of jewelry, scarves, long skirts, headbands, and listen to whimsical and flamenco music—but can they even cast spells?

Spells are not a part of their tarot card work, but many have been influenced by their fashion. Music artists confirm influences in their dress and through their songs.

Stevie Nicks achieved both. Her “Gypsy style” was addicting. In her song “Gypsy” she created a true love for the gypsy, as she portrays herself on the floor; of a room that she loved, with some lace and paper flowers. Then, people we admire unknowingly, influence our personalities as well as our style. Now let us look at the true picture....
 Stevie Nicks
More favorites...
Elizabeth Taylor

Boho gypset goddess, Elizabeth Taylor.

 Frida Kahlo

 Norma Talmadge-Gypsy Smoke

Silent film star Jetta Goudal.

 Theatre Magazine cover featuring Elsie Ferguson 1917

 Actress Anna Karina

Gilda Gray, photographed by Irving Chidnoff

Priscilla Coolidge, Gypsy Queen 
Martha Graham (who studied under Ruth St. Denis) in Flamenco costume, 1924

 Rita Hayworth-- The Loves of Carmen

 Gypsy costumeActress Lily Hanbury (1874 -1908) in gypsy costume

 Actress Pola Negri -classic film

 Actress- Sylvia Sidney

 Model/Actress Sienna Miller- Boho Chic

Actress/Singer- Zooey Deschanel

 Singer-Florence Welch

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