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Mixed Media Experiment...

Everybody that knows UTEE and Ultra Thick Embossing Powder will tell you is one of  the best product to create beautiful jewelry and stamping artworks. I usually use this product over an image for bezel cups or trays, metal plates, and others, but now I wanted to try it on something different; over Mixed Media on small canvases (5x5).

Let see what you will need;
  • Melt Art- Ultra Thick Embossing Powder (UTEE powders)- It comes in clear white and other colors.
I got mine at Michaels craft stores for about $8.00. Got Coupons!
  • A Melting Pot to melt UTEE powder (make sure you read user manual) CAUTION! Very Hot!
I also got mine at Michaels.

 You may need a Heat Gun and inexpensive painter brush.

 How you can do this;

  • Protect your surface working area (it will get messy and you don't want to have any accident, prevent spills and burns).
I know for experience OUCH! ;-(  HAY CARAMBA!!!
  • On some of my experiments, I first did a surface textures then I cut and paste some images (let dry).
  • Heat your melting pot with the UTEE powder prior starting to cover your canvas.(make sure is clear and melted). On all of my artworks I apply two layer.
  • Holding your little canvas close to the melting pot and begin brushing on the liquid powder with the brush, try to be quick and careful. It will dry quickly and a little murky color. Covering the whole canvas. This will be your FIRST LAYER.
  • Then when you are satisfied with the results, place your canvas in front of you and with the Heat Gun and Brush, begin heating the first layer with soft strokes and evenly, until the whole canvas is clear and clear of bubbles. (see photo above)  Be patient! You almost there...☺☺☺
  • Let it cool.
  • Now this is your time to be more creative; think about your compositon, paint more details, add images, words, embellishments, etc...the possibilities are endless!
  • Apply SECOND LAYER. same as First Layer. Just make sure, whatever you had glue onto the first layer is fully dry. (I'd experiment with some flaws for not being patient!).
FINAL; melt with the Heat Gun any excess on the side of the canvas for a nice finish, always protect your artworks with any varnish and VOiLá! 

Collage and Acrylics


 AFTER; I apply the UTEE (this one of my favorite)

 ☺Cut and Paste over texture surface.
 ☺Cut & Paste, painted cheesecloth, mica powder over acrylic painting.

☺ Transparency images over textured surface. (see the blue little butterflies, see the glue under it?
No patient!!! but it did dry later ☺
I already found a place in my house to display them. I ♥ how they came out☺.
I hope you had enjoy my experiments with UTEE and Melting Pot. There are some many things you can do with this stuff. I love it!
Thanks for visiting and have an AWESOME WEEK☺♥☺

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  1. Ohhh, I do love these canvases with UTEE melted over them. I love to use it too, but never thought of doing it this way. Thanks for the inspiration. And thanks for visiting my blog.


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