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Decorating For Christmas On A Budget- Part I

On the previous years I have decorated mostly with store bought decorations and few handmade stuff, but this Christmas year I'm all Handmade!...I'm also changing my THEME: Romantic/Vintage/White Christmas.
I've been working on changing little by little my Living Room decor and some areas to Romantic/White/Bohemian/Eclectic???something like that!!! I just love the different textures I can use on this type of style and all tones of whites. WIP...

Sooo, searching for some great ideas I came across of some pretty good ones but they're so many!!!
You don't have to break the bank to decorate your home for this Christmas!
Check out these great ideas:

 Orchid Lane Decor offers great tutorials on how to make great decoration using music sheets visit HERE.

Spice It Up! your old wreath with some silver/gold paint!

Table Centerpiece- Gather some Silver/Gold ornaments, evergreen and flowers to make a sophisticated look at any table.

Have some lumber laying around your home or garage? Turn them into a rustic tree!

Make Table Tree by using pine cones, hot glue and a planter.

Make A Window Scenery- card stock cut outs and spray glue. This really sets the scene.

Make A Candle Holder- Fruit looks great and doesn't cost the earth! The quickest way to do this is just to pile fruit around a candle on a large platter. If you want something more robust, you'll need to fix it to florist's oasis - drop in at your local flower shop to ask them for supplies.

Don't go and buy an expensive wreath this Christmas. Just simply, tying together some festive branches with ribbon you can make a cost effective alternative that looks great as well.

Decorate A Branch! Use a branch from your garden as a substitute for a Christmas tree and if you feeling especially 'crafty' you can even make the decorations as well!
♥☺Have An Inspiring Decorating Week☺♥

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  1. Anonymous11/26/2012

    Thank-You for sharing your creativity. It is awesome to find talent that is given to all freely. The true gift of Christmas!

  2. Anonymous12/08/2012

    Thank you for sharing


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