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HOT TRENDS: Fabulous Headbands!

Handmade Headbands
They are a very hot trend to wear this days and they never go out of style. They make an awesome conversational piece beside your ensemble. So instead of paying $12-$20 in a store, make your very own piece of wearable artwork.

They are very easy to make...
  • I used 1/2"-3/4" width plain headbands; plastic or already covered with ribbon.
  • 1/4 or bigger black or any colored ribbon.
  • hot glue with sticks
  • various colored felt fabric
  • ready made feathered butterflies
  • sequins, trims, beads, glue glitter, etc...
  • scissors
  • beaded/sequin appliques
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Your Imagination and Creativity.
  • Go Wild! make them cute for young girls or more simplistic and  sophisticated for adult women.
I made these ones for some of my friends and their daughters this Christmas☺☺☺

The possibilities are endless...
Blue,lilac sequins/black seed beads.

 Fuchsia feather glittered butterfly, handmade black felt roses/sequins and beads.

Gold sequins/beads trim, handmade cream felt roses/gold pearls. 

Purple/Gold feather glittered butterfly, handmade purple felt flowers/sequins trim. 

Brown/Gold feather glittered butterfly, handmade felt cream rose/gold pearl.


  1. hi momema, Your blog is nice and also your creations I liked your handbands.I have become a follower too. I am goint to grab a button of yours

  2. I absolutely love your works of art! Many blessings to you and yours!

  3. Thank you, for stopping by my blog. I will definitely pray for you and yours. One thing I know for sure: Suffering and heartache make you stronger and more thankful for the "good times" in your life. I never take my days for granted. Each moment is a time to learn, love, laugh and look forward to the "next event" whether big/small-happy/sad. Even when I am discouraged, I'm looking for the Lord's silver lining. Be blessed!

  4. Thank you Ana for your lovely comments and Cynthia for your encouraging thoughts and uplifting words, they mean so much to me. I'll be visiting you soon to see what are you up to!
    Have a Wonderful Day!


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