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How to Use and Print on Dryer Sheets

I enjoy working with different surfaces when I'm creating a Collage/Mixed Media so, today I would like to share with you, some awesome techniques with a simple piece of Dryer Sheet.
You will need;
1. Choose a photograph. I use my own and play with it in Photoshop, cropping it, using filters, generally achieving a sharp, crisp image that I like. Alternatively, you can draw the image you like and scan it into your computer.

2. Select used dryer sheets for printing. Your printer will like you much more if you choose sheets that have crisp edges. Smooth them flat and then iron them to a freezer-paper sheet cut to size (8½" x 11" for most household printers).

3. Print your photograph. If you're printing more than one sheet, feed the sheets through the printer one at a time. Once your sheet is printed and dry, peel it off the freezer paper. Now you can use it in your art as is or paint it first.

***Note, that printing on conventional dryer sheets doesn't necessarily require pre-treatment with a medium like Golden's Digital Ground (Clear). 
But, it all depends on your time frame. If you don't pre-treat, it will take days or even weeks for the ink to dry completely. With pre-treating, the waiting time is 24 hours to a few days. However, pre-treatment will usually make the dryer sheet stiffer and more opaque.
You can experiment with dyeing or painting the sheets first, mounting them on different fabrics or papers before stitching, or adhering them to a substrate in a different way. You might also want to try different brands of sheets to see how they look or feel after washing and see what happens when you wash them several times.

I love it when you can be frugal, recycle, and make beautiful artwork at the same time!

Also, learn with Kristen Watts from "Art Play Today" has some inspiring tutorials on how to use Dryer Sheet on your Mixed Media projects.

Don't forget to check out her site, it's amazing!
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This video is made by Terry Menefee.  Her technique on How to Print on Dryer Sheets is easy and very useful for all your Mixed Media projects.
I'm definitely trying this!...

 This one is a cute tutorial for those who are into Scrapbooks/Card making or ideal for headband embellishments...
Have you try this technique before?
What do you like about it?

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  1. Thank you for mentioning me/my artplaytoday blog in your wonderful tutorial! You inspire me as well! I need to get back to making videos! Thanks again, I appreciate the shout out!

  2. Nice blog. Again post another videos. Soy Ink Printer

  3. MeMaMo thanks for this tutorial. This are beautiful things to see and to make. It inspire me as well.
    Warm greet Marja


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