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Creating Textured Backgrounds/ some WIP...

Today, I got together with my sister Jessica Sadeghi (artist) to play around with some old and new techniques for backgrounds and to exercise our brains, we both are feeling "Creative Block Syndrome" ;-(.We had so much fun coming up with ideas.
These are some WIP (work in progress);
Here's our working table, my sister looking busy experimenting with glue and paint☺
 Bottom; acrylics, glazing, alcohol technique. Top; masking tape, foil paper, doodles, rust paint. (WIP

acrylics,glazing, and glue. (WIP)

acrylics, molding paste, lava paste crackle paste, (WIP)

Left; molding paste and crackle paste. Right; molding paste and heated plastic material. I'll see what I come up with these two. (WIP)
Find out what else we did...

Liquid acrylics, inks, foil paper, masking tape, glazing and blowing torch.
Just Beautiful!
Bravo Jessica☺♥☺

 Glazing colours layers, alcohol technique, liquid acrylics, inks, glue gun, foil paper. (WIP)

 Liquid acrylics, inks, glazing and blowing torch.
Another awesome creation of my sister!
I really needed to get together with her and rub-on all that talent!♥♥♥

 Close-up of Lava paste texture.

Liquid acrylics, glazing layers, alcohol techniques and I don't remember what else she put on this one???jejeje

 Meet Charlie, Jessica's baby. He loves the camera!!!

My daughter took this photo, she loves to take close-up photographs.

I'll be posting the finished ones pretty soon☺♥☺

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