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 Good Saturday everyone,
from my garden to yours I wanted to share with you my Easter Lily flowers they've bloomed just in time for Easter Sunday. 
Easter Blessings To You!
And this is what He has promised us, eternal life.
1John 2:25
Easter Lily Poem  
The Easter Lily, purest white,
Seems illumined by a holy light;
Glowing with grace of the risen Lord,
It stands supreme in the dark of night.

A symbol of One who defeated death
To reign in power above all strife,
To beckon all who will believe,

And offer to them eternal life.
The debt of my sin has been crucified,
Nailed to the cross with wounds of my shame;
Because Christ lives, I too shall live--
All praise and glory to His blessed Name!

The Easter Lily, so pure and white,
Represents Jesus, the risen LORD;
He stands supreme as the one, true God;
My Savior is worthy to be loved and adored!

by Connie Faust

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  1. Hi Momema,

    I love your website.

    I'd be honored to link to you and if you would link to me.

    But first, you'd probably want to visit my site.

    It's still under construction, but you'll get some idea of where it's going.

    I'm working on a book about art therapy.

    If you like, I'll send a copy. It is also unfinished, but you'll get some idea of where it is going.

    I'd like to link to or mention, briefly at least, scannography in my book.

    Peter Woronoff, A.T.R., B.C.

    What is Art Therapy


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