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 I enjoy reading and searching information about How To's articles whether is about Art making, Self Improvement for daily life, Inspiring Others, etc... and I came upon this one that really makes a lot of sense. Maybe misunderstood or that we all have different opinions about it because of our life journey experiences. What is Happiness?  It is "Relative"  or "Absolute" ? and What makes us Happy?
"In my opinion Happiness is a feeling that last only moments and that I must try to live those moments now, not plan happiness for the future. True happiness is within me. I have found Happiness and Energy in my own life as I struggle to overcome one obstacle after another, being active and free of fear through life. Just for being alive brings me joy. Being able to say; "Today, I did my best, Today, I have no regrets, Today, I won". Knowing that I'm loved and that I love others that my believes and values play a major part of my happiness and that I stay true to myself. And of course knowing my purpose in life".-MoMeMa

Be Happy Where you Are
We often talk about the importance of being in the ‘here and now’. But, what do we actually mean by this? The nature of our mind is that it is often planning for happiness in the future. If we get that degree, job, relationship, if we can only move to where reasonable people live e.t.c – then we will be happy. But, with this attitude of planning for future happiness, means it will always remain elusive – like chasing a shadow.

We need to be happy whereever we are. Even in the most difficult of situations there are opportunities to be a little more cheerful and a little less frustrated. Don’t allow small things to knock you off balance, as this frustration can spoil the rest of our day.
by Sri Chinmoy Inspiration
Inspiring Thoughts 
True happiness
Is not a mental hallucination.
True happiness
Is not a complacent feeling.
True happiness
Is the spontaneous feeling of joy
That comes from knowing
You are doing the right thing
And leading a divine life.
by Sri Chinmoy
for more inspiring lessons and effective ways to discover the inner realities of peace and real happiness.

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