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Mt. Dora, Florida- Antique Extravaganza!

  Every year my favorite three girls and I plan to attend the most famous and huge Antique Market in the Southwest; Renninger's Twin Markets in Mt. Dora, Florida from 9:00am- 5:00pm Saturday & Sunday only! Treasure Hunting, Great Bargains, Huge unique selections of item for every taste, food, music and a lots of people, a lot of walking and just enjoy a beautiful sunny day out. And I found some items that cut my attention and hope you like them too.

The place was PACKED!

 Persian Carpets Extravaganza!

"I love antique jewelry boxes"

"This was cute, I enjoy this two cars"

"I remember when I used to owned one of this" Singer???

Getting cool off at the indoors Antique Shops...It felt gooood!

"I love these antique end tables, there were beautiful"

Cigar Boxes in every table, great for Altered Arts!


At this booth, the vendor had items from India, Egypt and Morocco. This shoes were from Egypt from some time??? made with leather and embroidery, very light. just unusual!.

Stained Glass everywhere!

This booth is from a guy that makes this wall art from wood and metal. I really like his workmanship.

1932- Antique Art Calendar

My Favorites: Jewelry & Cameos 

And this were my Treasure Hunts; I love to collect CAMEO, I was so overwhelmed by the amounts of styles and sizes of this beautiful piece of history and feminine jewelry that I couldn't stop searching for them. Ranging prices from $10.00 to 500.00 and of course I couldn't leave this place without getting my hands-on on some of them. I really got a bargain for them, the trick is to "Show Them The Money" and a "Big Smile".  

 Are there beautiful! Clean and ready to wear...jejeje

This was a nice day out and I look forward to the next year to do more Treasure Hunting with my favorite three girls!

  Do you enjoy Antique Markets or Flea Markets?
What do you look for when you go?

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