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Paper or Plastic

What is Tyvek? 
It's not just for mail!. Tyvek is a material that is made out of polyethylene fibers, it is very thin, strong and it creates a water barrier. When Tyvek is heated, it reacts by making bubbles on surface. 
You can;
Print on it!
Paint it!
Distressed it!
Head it!
Sew it!
Stamp it!
Glue it!
Where to find it? It's free at the post office or you can order it online at:

Rubber-stamped images;
look terrific on the painted Tyvek, and Memories Acid-free Dye Inks, VersaFine Archival Instant Dry Pigment Ink, and Staz-On inks all work especially well. These inks do not bleed and tend to produce very sharp, well-defined images.
Metallic calligraphy markers;
They do not bleed on Tyvek, and especially using them after the paper has been painted. (It will produce a totally different effect if you write on the paper with a metallic pen first, and then paint it). Practice calligraphy on using gold ink, stamped over the words with various images, and then cut up or punched them and used them in a collage.
Tyvek can be sewn just like fabric;
but keep in mind when the needle goes through the paper, it will leave a hole behind.
You can punch shapes;
out of your painted Tyvek, but you will need to reinforce it first. Try to glue a paper substrate to the back first or fold the Tyvek onto itself, wrong sides together, and glue it. Simple punch shapes tend to work best.
For Collage work;
painted Tyvek cut into strips approximately 1/2" and 1"-wide work well, and squares cut from those strips are also useful in design work.
The adhesives found to work best;
are Yes! glue, which works well every time, and Uhu glue sticks. You may have to experiment to see what works best for you and your medium.
It's strong and it's ideal for all kinds of art mediums such as; Collage Arts, Altered Arts, Quilting, Sculpting, Mixed Media, Jewelry Making and many more...

Check out some inspirations!
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Hope you all have fun with this awesome material, Get Creative, Be Inspired!

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  1. This is really a wonderful and beautiful stuff. And always a surprise what it will be. Wonderful.
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