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So Pretty!

For Mother's Day I got these gorgeous flowers made by my sister.
She always likes to do something handmade on special occasions such as this one.
 She attached this handmade flower bouquet to the wrapped gift.
So beautiful! Love the details on each flower!.
She uses Cold Porcelain and Hardy Clay to create these real like flower bouquets.
 She also made these Beautiful and Yummy butterfly cookies. She painted them with color icing, sooo AWESOME. They look so beautiful at my table, that I don't even want to eat them! Big temptations!!!

 For my mother she created this amazing "Legacy of a wonderful WOMAN" shallow box frame. Where she added photos of her and all the women in her life. This was a jaw dropping creation!!! WOW!
 We keep telling her to open her own business of her handmade creations, she knows how to paint, sew, sculpting, jewelry making, crochet, knitting and she even had done party events decorations but, her answer always is; "I do it because I like it, don't want to make a profit on everything that I create" It's frustrating!!! but I had learned a lot from my sister when it comes to art making and I know I can always count on her if I need an advice or help. Love you Big Sis☺♥☺

Please visit her site at: - Sadeghi Fine Arts and check out some of her amazing artworks on canvas. ENJOY☺♥☺

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  1. Hi what a creative sister you have. her work is marvelous. Also what she had made for ypur mother. Beautiful.
    Lovely greet

  2. Such beautiful flowers! So detailed and life like, how wonderful:)


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