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Trip to Washington, DC- Part I

Winter vacation to Washington, DC

Sight of the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial

Historic District of Washington, DC. We saw lots of Cathedrals and Beautiful Churches.

Early cup of Cappuccino!

The White House

The World War II Memorial

Honoring the men and women who fought for our freedom.

The Lincoln Memorial

View from the Lincoln Memorial to the Reflecting Pool, which was under construction at that time.

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The Washington Monument, was closed due to an earthquake damage.

There were many sightseeing tours to choose; on foot or buses.
Departed on Tuesday and Returned to Orlando on Friday.

Day 1 of our trip to Washington, DC
Departing from Orlando, FL at 4:00am
Arriving to Fredericks (a town an 1hr away from Washington, DC) we stay the night there, around 8:00pm.

Day 2 arrived to Washington, DC around 8:00am to begin our 2nd day tour to the Memorials and Monuments.

Day3- We visit the Galleries and Museums

Day 4- Departed Washington, DC

We walked over 30 miles on those three days,
Drove over 1,200.00 miles,
Got lost over many times!!!jejeje.
I'll be posting Part II of my trip, very soon! I took over 300 photos. There was so many things to see that we need it more time. This was my 3rd time visiting Washington, DC and I always learn something new and different every time I visit. The district area is very busy, I mean busssy! So, If you planning to visit Washington, DC prepare yourself mentally and physically for this type of trip. It's very challenging if you are not used to traveling around a big city.
Happy Travelings!
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  1. Thanks you so much MoMeMa for your awesome blog eye candy and inspiration. I loved seeing all your fabulous art and enjoyed your trip to Washington DC as well. Hope this new year brings you all you wish for, i know you deserve the world. Keep on creating and never stop showing it. Art is food for my soul as i'm sure it is for everyone and yours is very special. Just wanted to let you know how much i enjoy seeing what you're doing.


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