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Bedroom- Your Santurary!

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary. A place of escape, relaxation and rest. So shouldn’t its decoration reflect exactly what you wish? Start 2012 off right by giving your bedroom a good hard look to see if it’s the perfect space for you. Maybe your bed would benefit from a dramatic headboard. Or perhaps you could redo the entire space in calming neutrals. See if any of these ideas would make your bedroom feel more comfortable.
 WOW, talking about focal point!

 Think about a color scheme in all neutrals, add mixed & match items and create a wall gallery.

 Swap your dresser for an Armoire. Add heavy textures.

 Light up with a chandelier or add a painted murals.

Get rid of the carpeting.

 Add full length window treatment.

 Oversize wall accent.

 Swap out your linens with out breaking the bank.

 Add something rustic.

 Consider a canopy.

 Add a bed bench and bring nature in.

Invest in a headboard or the oversized full-length mirror. Go dramatic.

 Accent area rugs. Accent pillows and throws.

Custom-made bed frame.

 Metals and Textures

 Simplicity, Serene and Cozy.

I love Eclectic/Vintage/Cottage Styles when it comes to decorating my house. Mixing soft neutral colors with textures accents, colorful wall arts and vintage/rustic furniture. I'm not into Modern lines or style, I think it is because I have always enjoy the outdoors, nature colors and the feeling I get when I'm surrounded with things that I love.
What is your Bedroom Style and Why?

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