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I enjoy working with different types of mediums and one of them is Oil Pastels
They are great to use for drawing, painting, textures, smoothing, rubbing, blending, writing, ect.... 
I specially like them when I draw a whole picture and then apply heat with my heat gun with care to produce a very smooth and glossy image, Love it!.
You can even use it as a resistant medium and to give a extra details of texture to your artworks.
Greats for Journal Pages, ATC's,  and any other working surfaces. 

Here are some sample where I had used Oil Pastes on coaster boards and other mediums.

Texture Glass by DecoArt
When I visit my local craft store I always in search of unusual products that I can use as a medium to apply on my artworks and this one is one of my favorites. Texture Glass by DecoArt is a paintable texture medium, a gel-like product that dries clear. Easily applied with a palette knife, fan brush or Texture Tool, Texture Glass can enhance the look of most hard surfaces such as;
Canvas, Foam core, Glass, MDF, Metal, Paper mache, Wall board, Wood just to mention a few.
Another ideas on how to use this amazing product:
Use palette knife scruffy brush or sponge to peak: Dab tool into wet Texture Glass. Press down and immediately lift straigh,t up. Repeat with a pouncing motion until desired effect is achieved.
* Use stencils to create relief designs; Position stencil on surface. Tape or hold stencil with fingers to secure. Use palette knife to spread Texture Glass over open stencil area. Carefully lift stencil. Let it dry.
*Combing: Use Texture Tools to achieve a variety of designs. Apply Texture Glass on project surface. Use straight side of Texture Tool to smooth out. Choose Texture Toll shape as desired. Drag tool through wet gel.
*Circles are made by using one side of the tools as a pivot-just sweep tool around in a complete circle.
*Waves, Zig-Zags and more are done by moving the tool from side to side as it is dragged through the wet gel.
*Stripes and a woven look are easily accomplished by dragging the tool in straight or diagonal lines. Wipe tool on paper towel or cloth after each pass to assure clean images.

My technique; I apply Texture Glass at the bottom part of my painting with a wide palette knife in a randomly fashion over my painting to give it a different top texture effect, let it dry and then varnish the whole paint. I didn't paint over it but you can do it before you start painting to get a texture painted effect surface just like using Molding Paste or Stucco Medium.
"Fishing For Love"
Mixed Media on canvas
*close-up details;

I just LOVE this product!

Purchased at Michaels- $20.00

 A Must Have!
I purchased this book with the intention of getting more information, ideas and inspirational practices to put practice when I create a Collage. This book definitely did just that! it full of guidance through the entire process of discovery, helping you understand how to create meaningful, personal artwork with techniques, exercises, and projects that explore the creative potential in; 
  •   Assembling a "toolbox" of ideas and imagery
  • "Painting" with paper
  • Working in layers
  • Using text in collage
  • Exploring meaning and personal expression
  • Collage journaling
  • She teaches you, how to make a Journal for Collages.
Take a peek...

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