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Inspired by Zena Holloway

Few months ago, I was searching for Underwater Photography and I came across with Zena Holloway and I got INSPIRED! and Who is Zena Holloway? 
Zena Holloway is one of the world’s leading underwater photographers.
Her photos are striking, instinctive and driven by a deep understanding of her art medium.
Born in Bahrain in 1973, Holloway grew up in London, where she currently lives and works. At age 18, while working her way around the globe as a scuba diving instructor, Holloway began experimenting with underwater cameras and gradually taught herself the skills needed to master this most technical of photographic techniques.
 Zena’s renowned underwater photographs regularly appears in publications such as How to spent it, The Observer magazine, 128, Tatler and Dazed & Confused. She has won numerous international awards. Her clients includes; Nike, Umbro, Polydor, Epson, Sony, Herbal Essences,
National Geographic and Jacuzzi.
Most recently, she completed a two year project to illustrate Charles Kinglsey’s 1863 novel “The Water Babies” confirming her as one of the world’s most patient photographers for her ability to work with both animals and children underwater. (bio from
 "Don't you would love to try this type of art medium??? I do!... I can't imaging the extensive work that is involve on making just one photo. This type of art medium is very difficult to practice for what I'd read and that also requires specialized equipment and advanced techniques to achieve these amazing and beautiful photos. I think that underwater photography is also one of the most rewarding career. Underwater photography is a very specialized form of art, so very few photographers attempt it." Sooooo,

"I immediately wrote an email to Zena Holloway requesting permission to use her images in some of my Digital Photo Manipulations and I got a prompt response with a YES! I got granted permission. Reading her response, she was delighted and  that she was busy working on a new project. How exciting!".
and so, this is what my inspirations took me...

Big Thanks, to Zena Holloway for allowing me to use your amazing and beautiful photographs and keep on inspiring others!
Visit her site @

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