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"Reflection Of The Past"
Acrylic on canvas
by Jsade

She received dreadful news
an unfair sentence that would throw her in a loop
A declare war with an implacable enemy.

And my question is.....
What will she do?
Will she hide in the bunker of desolation
with webs of depression
will she laid in the trenches
of self pity and there be
consumed by the uncertainty
of the unknown.
Will she raise the white flag
of defeat before the battle is fought.

And my question is.....
What will she do?
I know what my mother will do.
She will stand firm
with the resolved of a thousand men army.
She will put her valor armor,
with the sword of her faith
she will slain all her fears.
She will stare her enemy in the face,
and fight the good fight to the bitter end.

The chemo in this battle
will make her body weak
but her spirit and determination
will continue to battle the fight.

Her body will be wounded
in this battle for life,
her body will change
will look diferent,
scars wil lbe present after this war,
but her spirit will continue strong.

And her warrior spirit
with her determination
will be declared victorious
she will win this war.

And my question to you is..........
What will you, your sister, mother, aunt will do?
What will you do?
by Jsade
Jsade dedicated this poem to our Mother.
"Your Battles Are My Battles"
Jsade is my sister and one of our inspiring follower and she has also, donated this painting to Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation.

"Drawing Of Hope"
Acrylic on canvas
by Jsade
Thank you,
Jsade for sharing with us this inspiring poem and artworks.
Visit her website:
BRAVO!  Keep inspiring others!!!

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