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How do I get Inspired? What Inspires Me?
There are days when I feel inspired, with plenty of ideas of what to do, how to improve my life, my artworks techniques, my job or my relationships. At these times I also feel full with the energy and desire to make things happen. At other times I lack of inspirations and feeling empty, with no ideas, no creativity, and no zest.
What I do when I don’t feel the pulse of inspiration inside me?
What I do, when Im not inspired?
What I do when everything seems boring and heavy?
We all have days when need some inspiration, when we need passion and creativity.

Here is a short guide for inspiration for anyone who experiences lack of inspiration and creativity. These inspiration tips might not work the same way for everyone, but you can try them. What works for one does not necessarily work for another; you will never know that for sure until you try.
Before I give you these inspiration tips, let’s talk a little about inspiration.

What Is Inspiration?

  • For what I had found and research on Inspiration;  It is state when your consciousness and awareness open up to higher vibrations.
  • It is when your mind is open to receive new ideas.
  • It is creativity expressing itself through your mind and your soul.
  • Being inspired means to be positive.
  • It is a beautiful feeling of happiness and contentment.
  • It is a time when you see the solutions to your problems.
  • Inspiration is sort of energy that makes your mind, soul and body more alive.
  • It is like being plugged to a positive, uplifting and motivating current of energy.
  • Inspiration can’t be forced, and sometimes it comes when it is least expected. It is as if some kind of energy or power is breathed into you.
My guide to Inspiration - How to Find Inspiration?

  • Calm down your mind. (RELAX, STAY STILL)
  • Keep an open mind- stay positive.
  • Keep your eyes open, and look at nature, people, buildings, trees and everything else. They are all doors to inspiration. Look at everything with no judgment, with no resentment, calmly and with appreciation and attention, and inspiration will awaken within you.
  • Keep your eyes open, at all times, staying present whenever possible, and allow yourself to breathe in that inspiration.
  • If you meditate regularly, inspiration will be easier to find.
  • Write down everytime you get an inspiration or ideas. (Keep an Art Journal)
Where do I get my Inspirations? any where and everything...

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Films
  • People around you
  • Nature
  • Children
  • Art
  • Music
  • Inspiring quotes
  • Photographs
  • Websites
  • Hobbies
  • Success stories
  • Sometimes, leaving what you are doing, and doing something else for a while, awakens inspiration and creativity.
How I Stay Inspired? here comes the hard part! HOW?

I try to keep doing what I had suggested above.
I spend lots of time with people that I love.
I associate with people who are creative and inspiring.
I read  and talk about different subjects.
I get outside, go for a walks in a mall w/out buying anything just to see what it's new out there, exercise your body- dancing, biking, and be outside in nature- beaches, camping, fishing, hiking.
I talk with people about their interests and hobbies.
I try to do things differently – Travel to work in a different route, try to eat different foods, and go to different restaurants. I read different books of different subjects. Visit new places in your area.
I always try to find the time to be alone, to meditate, to find myself when lost and confused or just to think about my life.
I like to Take Action.

It is a pleasant feeling of being inspired and enjoy the flow of ideas. It moves me and makes me take action to do things. I try to channel that inspiration into creating something beautiful and amazing.

Final Thoughts...
  • Don't get discouraged! It will come to you. Don't give up!
  • Try new and different things of similar or completely different categories.
  • Hang things on the wall or a bulletin that inspire you: poems, photographs, fabrics.
  • Try to surround yourself with life: get a new plant, buy some real flowers, get a pet (even a goldfish).
  • If you get stuck in a rut move away from the problem. Take your time to regroup your thoughts and ideas.
  • and stay true to yourself and your believes!
I hope my ideas of finding inspirations to create your masterpieces helps you today or someday.
Big Hugs,

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