Is simply a portrayal of life. The attention focused on the bonds between Love, Life, Feelings, Nature and all the world's stage in MoMeMa's eyes.
***Create, Encourage, Live, Enjoy, Love, Laugh, Empower***


"I Love You"
Mixed Media on canvas
Art has always been part of my daily life, since young age. From designing clothes to teaching young kids how to paint and making things from scratch...Art has helped me cope with obtacles, emotional experiences, health issues, managing stress, finding what's important to me, things that I enjoy doing, being inspired by others and just staying true to myself!
In other words Art utilizes the creative process... to promote growth, self-expression, emotional healing, conflict resolution and transformation.
Art healing is a hands-on, their is not enough to read articles or books on art healing, you must participate in the creative process to get the full beneficial outcomes.
And while artists in general tend to focus on the asthetics of the image, techniques, etc...Art healing focuses on your feelings, thoughts, and ideas.

You may benefit from Art Healing in several ways:

♥Visually dealing with traumatic emotions can feel safer then dealing with them in words.

♥It lets you express things we cannot express in words.

♥Its helpful in releasing emotions.

♥It is a powerful therapeutic process that has meaning and comes directly from our own feelings and imagination.

♥It allows you to get to know yourselve.

♥It is available to everyone.
♥It enhances our lives and reduces stress.
It feels great when you had finish your masterpiece.
♥It promotes positive thoughts.
♥It is Peaceful.
♥It is a reflection of your soul.
Art/Creativity is a very important element in a human's developmental state, whether is Visual, Audio or Preforming any type of art forms. We are in constant contact with it and I can't imaging the world without it!
"I hope you find a way to heal your emotions and experiences, finding time and place to begin creating arts".

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