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A Prayer To My Mother

 My Mother, she's so Beautiful!

 There was an ERROR! Wow, Biopsy part II
My Mother's thoughts;
"Well; tomorrow at 7am I will be going into Florida Hospital for another Liver Biopsy. Turns out that the one that was done 12 days ago, was not done correctly , thus the info was not relevant to me. WOW. Here comes another scare on my body. Wish they were Tatoos....My Oncologist referred me to a Liver Specialist and showed us the previous results......(no comments from me at this time).............., just get it done again!!!!!!!!!!! But, we are almost sure; that I will probably have to go into Liver surgery (very risky) - I will evaluate this, after receiving the results from Biopsy. And with my History; I am mentally preparing myself and my love ones for our next challenge. Don't forget Prayers and Good Thoughts are warranted". LUV

A Prayer To My Mother
Heavenly Father Author of Life, Healer of Wounds, Source of Abundance, Unconditional Love and Mercy, please hold (My Mother), in the palm of your hand and look at the two tumors in her liver more closely, examine it, heal it, strengthen the weak parts, reconnect the areas that are loose, mend it and make her liver new again.
Please direct, guide and bless the hands, minds, eyes, and instruments of the team of professionals, liver surgeon, the anesthesiologists, specialized nurses, medical attendants assigned to do the surgery tomorrow and every person that touches her. Invite them to focus their minds to the tasks at hand and make each one of them perform their assigned tasks O Lord perfectly and precisely attuned to your command as the Great Conductor, Divine Healer and Comforter.
O Holy Spirit and Comforter, breathe love and peace to the family and love ones, that they may continue to feel your warmth and love on this day of the surgery.
Assure us that Gladys Martinez will be healed fast and soon as she will continue to serve you, called her to do for the proclamation of Christ goodness, grace and mercy. We call on the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary, all the angels and saints in heaven, especially St. Monica today, (She named me in her honor).

We lift up our prayers in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit who lives forever and ever. Amen.
I Love You Mom, you are my HERO!☺♥☺
☺♥☺Thank you for all your positive thoughts, good vibes, prayers and support towards me and my family.
Big Hugs☺♥☺

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  1. Good thoughts, white light and prayers coming from Canada. MoMeMa, this might be the same liver disease that i was diagnosed with 12 years ago. Women age 30-60 are diagnosed with Primary biliary cirrhosis 10 times more often than men and most live a long normal life. Theres a medicine called Ursodiol that keeps it from getting worse and most people die from other natural causes; not the PBC. Was your mom Itchy? Fatigued? For her sake if she has to have a liver disease then this auto-immune condition is not too bad at all as i am ok after 12 years and many on my support group have had it for 20+ years. And if worse comes to worse there's always liver transplant; including live donor. You can read about it at
    I hope it's a false alarm though! Please keep me posted re results........

  2. Just read this, again. Praying with you. May the Father of all life grant His healing touch to all who come in contact.


    Coleen in Spain (at the moment)


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