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Get Inspire! Christmas Tree Decor

I like the idea of having a natural Christmas tree in my house but, with the economy these days I THINK GREEN! These artificial trees will last a long time and these days you may find some real look alike and even comes with lights. My is artificial and I love it!. Simple; put it up, dress it, enjoy, and put it down and away for next year.

Have you just bought a Christmas tree, and start to brainstorm on how to decorate it to be something special this year? If you are reading this post, I guess you must be short on the ideas for decorations. And this is what I am going to help you with, to inspire you with some fascinating Christmas tree pictures each connected to a different theme. The right pattern and style of the decorations should soon occur to you, as you check through the artificial Christmas trees below crafted by some creative people.

 The theme of this Christmas tree is pale silvery mauve, sage-green and silver. Gold mesh ribbon has been wound through the branches to act as a garland. Sprays of dried flowers, painted silver and used as decoration add interesting texture to this classic Christmas tree design.

 This is a white artificial Christmas tree that has many wonderful white ornaments to compliment the theme. Notice the icicles, white angels, white roses and pine cones. Decorate the tree with this snowy theme as a fun way to evoke the comfort of a wintery wonderland. White Christmas trees are easy to decorate and brighten any room!

 This classical theme artificial pre-lit Christmas tree is decorated with vintage ornaments in gold and red and is accented with carolers singing Christmas songs! This design is really in the favor of traditional Christmas people.

 A truly deluxe design to sore eyes- this is a fabulous purple peacock feather and blue butterfly theme! In this somewhat unconventional use of peacock feathers accented by blue-green and gold shades are repeated in the ribbon and ornamental glimmering gold balls.

 This snowman and candy cane theme artificial pre-lit Christmas tree is decorated with snowmen, elves and candy canes… and it’s all loaded with them! Children will especially love this design. Red, white and green are favorite traditional Christmas colors for decorating your tree and home at holiday time.

 This silver and blue iced theme artificial pre-lit Christmas tree is decorated with silver and white icicles, silver ribbons, and icy ornaments that accent the deep blue ice color of the tree. Another exotic design with pure white ornaments in the winter theme

♥☺This will be my inspirational Christmas tree this year☺♥
This gold and white theme artificial pre-lit Christmas tree is decorated with white flowers, Santas in white parkas, golden butterflies, and glittering gold ornaments! A theme for the up-scale holidayer!

 This pre-decorated artificial pre-lit Christmas tree features many glittering tree ornaments that are surrounded with little elves and beautiful angels! The sheer green mesh ribbons add to the classy look of this tree. The overwhelming load of the ornaments symbolizes a fruitful end of the year.

 This classical themed artificial pre-lit Christmas tree is decorated with vintage green, gold and silver ornaments that give a happy, comfortable feeling to any living room!

 What a dazzler among all traditional designs! This artificial Christmas tree is topped by a Victorian young lady dressed up with a fur hat and fur trimmed cape of silk. The rustic autumn colors used are copper and gold with generous amounts of turquoise and splashes of pink. A very warm and inviting theme!

 How do you like the designs above? Maybe you have realized there are plenty of substitutes you can get from the local dollar stores, which is similar to but much cheaper than the deluxe ornaments in the pictures or just DIY craft decorations.
Enjoy your inspiring decorations for your Christmas tree.
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  1. These christmas trees are soo beautiful! i love how those ornaments and mesh ribbons made these trees so stunning. Thanks for sharing!

    Anne Walker
    How to Decorate a Christmas Tree

  2. Anonymous9/29/2014



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