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Last Saturday,August 28, 2010 was Becky & Angel-(my brother) Baby Shower and I just have to share with all of you what my sister Sadeghi created to make this day more special.

She handmade all this fabulous party favors, decorations, games, and more...

SPECIAL DELIVERY! Entrance Stork Decor: Paper Mache, foam, silk flowers, wood, spray paint, wood, fabric, etc...We place this at the entrance of the house. Just stunning and original!

Shower Umbrella Decor: She got a plain umbrella and decorated with ribbons, handmade silk flowers and printed ribbons and tul frabric. The mother to be can be holding this beautiful umbrella to pose for pictures.
YUMMY! and BEAUTIFUL! This cake topper was handmade with (Cold Porcelain).

She created this beautiful and simple bags filled with a votive candle and chocolate candy. The Storks ribbons were maded using Cold Porcelain and place on a decorative stand foam coverd with fabric and ribbons. We used this: We place this ribbons stocks on the neckline of your guests using a pearl pin. Be careful when placing these unique favors!!!.

More Party Favors; Square mirrors, cold porcelain stocks, handmade fabric almonds bags, votive candles and labels. They're just wonderful!

Use a beautiful basket tray to place your Party Favor for a stunning display!

This LOLLIPOP CARRIAGE was made using friendly foam, hot glue, silk flowers, wire, tissue paper and yummy lollypops. You may place this at your buffet table to bring in some color and decor.
This is so cute!

Mother To Be, Grandma To Be, Handmade Corsage

This three layer diaper cake has everything, even a baby bank!
This was one of my favorites!

Even Dennis (family dog) got a handmade bandanna "It's a Girl"
poor Dennis I hope he won't get confused!!!☺☺☺

"We had so much fun, joyful time and we couldn't had done this without the creative mind of Sadeghi" Thank you so much!.

Sadeghi's Art & Creations
Check out her website for more information
or email your inquiry at:
Sadeghi is a Fine Arts artist and a Event Planner with fabulous handmade ideas for Sweet 16, Baby Showers, Theme B-days and Mural Designs.

Hope to inspire you to create and to be inspired by this fabulous artist.

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  1. WOW! Those are all very beautifully crafted! I'll know where to go if I ever get my chance at a 2nd little one!!! And Dennis looks too cute! Ha! Miss you guys!


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